A really interesting article about how Salisbury’s key stakeholders, including the BID, are working together on a masterplan which could effectively change how people see Salisbury and their reasons for visiting.

Currently known as a local retail centre as well as an historic tourist destination, the vision could see a new economic focus on Salisbury as an “innovation hub”, with a Technology Park, which would slash the number of residential homes planned. This coincides with many BIDs that are concerned about residential developments taking over our town and city centres.

An “aspirational” brand for the city should also be considered with a website that showcases Salisbury and its assets. This would be based on other successful marketing campaigns around world such as #iamsterdam, #onlylyon and #beberlin.

At the centre of the city a temporary “iconic” structure should be placed in the Market Square to symbolise the rebirth of the Salisbury.

Others include a lantern walk along Fisherton Street connecting it to the wetlands park, restoring historic monuments and improving the street scene.

Source: Vision for a ‘complete transformation’ of city’s future is revealed (From Salisbury Journal)