It’s not just how attractive a place looks, but also the safety of it, if there are cars and lorries rushing past at speed. It’s all very well installing a few benches and planters, but will people actually use the space?

There are some great UK examples, see Team London Bridge’s Fresh Air Squares project as well as the Tooley Street Triangle (examples of consultation documents). Colmore BID also has a number of public realm projects under its belt and in the pipeline; Church Street Square and Colmore Square.

Certainly big projects like this need inputs from all users of the area, (residents, businesses, visitors) as well as stakeholders such as the Council etc. There is a strong likelihood that the BID will provide seed funding but the majority of it will come from other, larger, organisations, working together as partners.

Source: The Problem With Designing a Public Space in a Sea of Traffic | Streetsblog New York City

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